Race Day App

Race Day App is an app for Garmin smartwatches that displays live information from a runner's watch on a coach's, parent's, or friend's phone.

For the rest of this page, we refer to the runner as runner and the coach/parent/friend who is using this app to watch the race and view the runner's progress as you or onlooker.

Race Day App has several features, built for use by cross country runners and spectators.

Race Day App utilizes the bluetooth in a Garmin watch and iPhone to transfer data from a Garmin to a phone in real-time during a race or workout. Due to the nature of bluetooth, an onlooker needs to be within a few feet of the runner when he or she runs by, in order to have the best chance of receiving data about the runner's run. Once the data has been transfered to the phone, however, that data is sent to the cloud, where it can be viewed by any onlooker in the runner's team.

We information about data about the runner's heart rate, pace, distance, laps, cadence, and activity state. Additionally, we may store the runner's name, as well as information about accounts that the onlooker has set up in Race Day App.

Getting Set Up:

First, you need to install the Race Day App On your Garmin. Please click here, to download Race Day App.

Race day app currently requires Apple's Testflight to function. Please install the Testflight app on your iPhone by clicking here.

Now you're ready to install Race Day App On your iPhone. Please click here on an Apple product, then click join. or click here on an Android to get started.

Race Day Repeater allows an onlooker to receive information from any runner. This allows the onlooker to have more up-to-date information about runners on his/her team, and allows other onlookers to get up-to-date information as well. Please click here to install Race Day App Repeater

Hooray! You've finished installing Race Day App. Now you need to set it up so that your app is ready to roll on Race Day.

For an onlooker to receive data from a runner's watch, the runner's watch must first be set up by an onlooker's phone. (This set up only has to be done once).


  1. Open Race Day App on the onlooker's phone, and click the button on the bottom left "Add Devices"
  2. Now you need to add the runner's device that you would like to track on Race Day. If the device you're trying to connect to has previously been connected to your phone, that is, you can see it from the Garmin Connect App, and you don't see it in the list, press the green "Add New Device" button. Otherwise, select the device you'd like to add from the list on this page (if you don't see the device, try toggling bluetooth on and off on the runner's watch.
  3. The onlooker's phone might prompt him/her to enter a password. If it does, type in the code that should be displayed on the runner's watch. If there isn't a code, the wrong device might have accidentally been selected.
  4. Type in the runner's name. This can be a nickname, full name, or whatever you want it to be. Just be sure it is an unambiguous name that you can quickly identify with the runner.
    The runner's name should show up in the registered column of the table, indicating that you have successfully connected to that watch.
  5. Repeat the above steps for every runner you would like to keep tabs on during Race Day.
  1. Open Race Day App on the onlooker's phone, and click the button on the bottom left "Add Devices"
  2. Now you need to add the onlooker's device that you would like to set up as a repeater.
  3. Tap on the name of the onlooker's device
  4. Select "repeater"

Joining a team allows an onlooker to view info about all the runners on a team, as well as allowing other onlookers on the team to see info about runners you add, or that run by you.

  1. Open Race Day App on the onlooker's phone, and click the button on the top right "My Team"
  2. Now you need to join your team. Search for your team's name in the search bar that pops up.
  3. Tap on the name of the team, then type in the team's password.
  4. Now, runners you add in the future or have already added should appear for the whole team, and you should be able to see all the team's runners in the view data tab.


  1. Ensure you have Garmin Connect Mobile installed on your phone, and that your watch is also connected to your phone.
  2. Open Race Day App
  3. You should see all the devices that are currently registered to your Garmin account. If you only see an empty list, please try restarting Race Day App, or restarting your phone.
  4. Once you see all the devices, you're good to go! On race day, click on the name of the device you want to keep tabs on, wait for your runner to run by, and get data about their race!
  5. If you would like to track this runner on more than one device, repeat the above steps on a separate phone. (When doing this, be sure to turn off bluetooth on the first phone, that way it doesn't interfere with the setup process of the second phone)

Click below to check out Race Day across three platforms.